Needs Analysis Form

The Needs Analysis Project Request Form is used to request AV integration services for labs, conference rooms, offices, digital signage, and other University spaces that are not “owned” or financially covered by our team. The Learning Space Technology Team is responsible for the ongoing replacement and maintenance of all Registrar-controlled classrooms.

Funding for Registrar-Controlled vs. Departmentally Owned Spaces
The easiest way to identify these is by the room code. Registrar-controlled rooms are designated with room category “110”. Lab spaces are most often “210”. Room codes are listed in Archibus and 25Live.

The “110” category classroom facilities are classified as an institution-wide resource, even though they may fall under different levels of organizational control. A “110 Classroom” is a room used for classes not tied to a specific subject or discipline. We refer to these as “Registrar controlled classrooms”. The responsibility for AV systems and equipment updates lies with the LST department and Academic Affairs.

The “210” category classrooms are subject-specific or discipline-specific. We refer to these spaces as “departmentally owned” and funded from an AV support perspective. The college unit or department that owns the space should use the needs analysis request process when updates to the AV systems or PCs are needed.

The Classroom Support Team provides technical support for these rooms at no cost to the college or department.